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Dear WDA of Minnesota members, supporters and friends of the horse,

The Western Dressage Association® of Minnesota was humbled by and so grateful for an invitation to once again participate in the Minnesota Horse Expo. The Expo is always an outstanding event and we are always thrilled to play a role the great educational offerings.

Unfortunately, the situation relating to the EHV-1 outbreak this year has proved to be exceptionally challenging for the horse community, event planners and our own organization. Given the circumstance with EHV-1 the WDA of Minnesota was not comfortable in bringing our scheduled demonstration horses to the Expo.

The WDA of Minnesota mission includes two statements we hold dear and evaluate relating to each decision we make: “to honor the horse” and “to value the partnership between horse and rider”. While the WDA of Minnesota is very grateful for the chance to share our thrilling, emerging discipline; we were not comfortable with the possible risk to our horses and doing a horseless presentation on this topic would not satisfy the visual aspects necessary to explore the discipline. As such we felt that it was necessary to withdraw our presentation from the Minnesota Horse Expo program.

We will still plan to have our booth at the Expo and we can provide video materials to support the discipline from that location. We encourage those attending the Expo to stop by!

We are so grateful to the Minnesota Horse Expo for this amazing opportunity and deeply saddened by the unpredictable and challenging circumstance of the EHV-1 outbreak this year. Our hearts go out to all those effected.

The Western Dressage Association® of Minnesota holds deepest gratitude to each of you for your support and understanding and to our horses for their trust in our partnerships!

With deepest gratitude,

The Board of the Western Dressage Association® of Minnesota

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The Western Dressage Association® of Minnesota would like to announce the 2014 “Saddle-Up & Ride” Western Dressage Schooling Show Circuit. This circuit will be a series of schooling shows, here in Minnesota, offering Western Dressage classes in a fun and casual environment where you and your horse can explore the new discipline of Western Dressage.

  • 2014 “Saddle-Up & Ride” Schooling Show Circuit
  • Earn Points toward Year-End Awards
  • Ride WDAA Western Dressage Test of Choice from Basic through Third Level
  • List of Qualifying Shows, Show Bills, Announcements and any Updates to the High-Point Program will be posted on the “Saddle-Up & Ride” page of this website.

Interested in having your schooling show listed on the

WDA of MN “Saddle-Up & Ride” WD Schooling Show Circuit?

Message us at info@WDAMN.org for details!

Below is a list of Qualifying WD Schooling Shows on the “Saddle-Up & Ride” Circuit

Sunday, April 13th -CANCELED. Please be watching for a new schedule date.
Mon Cheval Training Center Traditional and Western Dressage Schooling Show at
Cornerstone Horse Complex – Hastings, MN
Sunday, June 1st
Rocking R Farm Schooling Show – Foley, MN
Saturday, June 21st
Lakeview Farm Traditional and Western Dressage Schooling Show
hosted by WikSmart Coolers – Hugo, MN
Saturday, August 2nd
“Saddle-Up & Ride” NWSC WD Schooling Show hosted by WDA of MN
at NWSC show grounds – North Branch, MN
Sunday, August 3rd
Rocking R Farm Schooling Show – Foley, MN
Saturday, September 13th
Lakeview Farm Traditional and Western Dressage Schooling Show
hosted by WikSmart Coolers – Hugo, MN
Sunday, October 5th
Rocking R Farm Schooling Show – Foley, MN

More show dates will be added to this list as details become available, so check back often.

wdaa logo with taglineWestern Dressage becomes USEF Discipline!

At the Mid-Year meeting of the United States Equestrian Federation, the Board of Directors approved a rule change proposal, effective 12/1/2013, which recognizes Western Dressage as an individual discipline which will have its own chapter in the USEF Rule Book beginning with the 2014 competition season. The Western Dressage Association® of America (WDAA) is honored to have been named the USEF Recognized Affiliate for the exciting new discipline of Western Dressage. WDAA is thrilled to bring its focus and mission of “Honoring the Horse” to the USEF’s horse welfare initiatives. WDAA will work closely with USEF coordinating rule processes and other recognized affiliate functions.

bigstock_Cowgirl_And_Her_Horse_6019329 What is Western Dressage?

Harmony, Cadence, Balance, Lightness, Impulsion and Suppleness. Each of these characteristics are used to define that perfect moment or ride.  Each is an attribute that Western Dressage helps to develop.  Western Dressage encompasses fundamental training and riding techniques with the desire to strengthen the trust and understanding between horse and rider.

The “Western” component comes from the traditions and heritage of the American west horsemanship utilizing light contact while seeking to understand and build the relationship of horse and rider through communication.

“Dressage” is actually the classical training and elements resulting from historical military training designed to develop the strength, capabilities and partnership of the horse.

In combining the two, the goal is to have riders with greater awareness of how to enhance their horse through communication and proper riding as well as how to improve their horses’ carriage, balance and athletic ability skills which transcend any discipline.

mission-copyOur mission will be guided by that of the WDAA

The mission of the Western Dressage Association® is to honor the horse and to value the partnership it has provided us on our American journey. Its mission is to provide a model of training and horsemanship which optimizes this partnership for the benefit of both horse and rider. Its mission is to celebrate the American West where all these things came to pass.

As such, the Western Dressage Association® of Minnesota is about more then receiving blue ribbons or a high test scores. It is about education and enlightenment. It is learning and understanding the horses’ thoughts, emotions, and movement. It is about growth as a rider through training techniques, attaining feedback, measuring progress, and setting goals. It is also about the future and continuing to cement the horse, as not just a tool, but as a partner and friend in the magical pursuit of harmony and balance. The WDA of MN is dedicated to our mission and want you to join us.

Want to learn more about the WDA of MN and the Membership Benefits… CLICK HERE!

The road for Western Dressage begins here. Please join us for the fun!

After all… “It’s about the journey”