WD Rules and Regulations


“Harmony is my ultimate goal. I do not want to have to signal a horse to tell him what I want. I want him to be able to read my mind. I just think what I want and he is there for me. It is called a “partnership.” Perhaps that is what you see between myself and my horses that makes us different, a spiritual communication, not a programmed performance.”

Western Dressage Judging Guidelines

Western Dressage is newest discipline to hit the equine community and the Western Dressage Association® of American (WDAA) is working hard to accommodate the Western Dressage enthusiast during this rapid growth. Together, the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and the WDAA have compiled guidelines for the USEF licensed judges officiating in Western Dressage classes. Licensed USEF judges will be utilized to judge Western Dressage classed until there is a Western Dressage judge training program in place. These guidelines will prove helpful to students and instructors of Western Dressage to better understand what the dressage judges will be looking for in the tests.

Western Dressage Rules for All Breeds

The USEF and WDAA have also paired to assemble the “Western Dressage Rules for All Breeds”. These rules have been written to include definitions of gaits, the position and aids of the rider, what you need to know to participate in Western Dressage classes, the scoring scale and arena sizes, and much more. The WDAA has the rules and guidelines posted for your information.

Just Released: WDAA 2013 Western Dressage Rules (All Breeds Edition)

Western Dressage Test Scoring and Arena Layout